# Present

Relationship is not my thing right now. Maybe this is what I get after being faithful in one relay for a long time. Being loyal is having a full commitment which I cant give right now. Its not that I don't have feeling for others or my heart die or something, just I had to fulfill my responsibility first. Its not something anyone can help me with, even myself.

So for not hurting others and myself with false promising, this is the best solution I can think about. Its all-so-called selfish mindset or whatever, but being selfish once in my entire lifetime isn't really a bad thing.

After awhile, it gave me space, all that I ever wanted. Freedom and being able to think clearly. Set up a way toward my goals become more lightly. Its a one person jobs. If having a partner mean everything could be solved, it would be lots more better but it wasn't. None of it, for now.

So, its okew if people decided to move one, to leave.. but let me know. So that it wont hurt too much later.

That's all. Thanks you.