my dance my way



Andie (Briana Evigan) is a member of the 410 crew, she goes around showcasing her talents illegally.Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum)one of her oldest friends from her younger years, understands her love for street dancing to save her from being sent away to texas he gets her an audition for MSA - Maryland School of Arts. she gets in but only by the kindness of one guy Chase (Robert Hoffman) also a student at MSA. However, not only is he the most popular guy in school but his brother is it's new director.

In Andie's first class she is told to improvise, only used to upbeat music, she panics and makes a fool of herself, then when told to do it again she messes up again.Only this time catching the eye of Chase.she is made to attend after school classes- at the same time as the 4 1 0 's dance rehearsal .After the lesson she heads down to rehearse with the crew, and she's late not impressing her fellow crew members. After being late yet again and after mssing most rehearsals Andie is kicked out of the 410 crew and now cannot battle in 'The Streets'.

On realising that she needs a crew Chase comes to her rescue, saying that under the radar in MSA there are a lot of people who would be skilled enough to join a crew. They find 10 people to join them in their crew, the MSA crew. They start practising and realise that they aren't good enough to battle at 'the Streets' yet. So after embarassing themselves at the dragon in a dance battle against her old crew one of Andie's fellow 4 1 0 ers decides to help them out. She helps them realise they have what it takes and make a prank, something that will help them get noticed. They stage their prank in the home of the lead member of the 410 crew. It doesn't go down to well. But Chase and Andie are drawn together by their unavoidable attraction, they flirt and almost kiss while at a family barbeque being thrown by missy a former 4 1 0 member.

After this things go bad, the 4 1 0 track down Chase after he leaves the barbeque leaving him with a black eye, they head down to MSA and trash the school. The director finds out and orders the students to come forward if they know anything. However, he knows that Andie is somehow responsible and calls her to his office, where upon a discussion he expells her and she is left shattered...

A few days later while the school is hosting a fundraiser they all recieve the text message telling them where 'The Streets' is being held. Andie chooses the ignore this but the other feel it nesessary to take part and go call on Andie, upon convincing her they head down the 8th and Main. Upon arriving they feel unwelcome and are told they don't fit in by the 410 crew. Andie doesn't appreciate this as she knows that the true meaning of the streets is about bringing something new to the floor. So she leads them all outside for 1 last showdown..........

mlas na retype. kowg un mesti mlas nk bce an. so camni la...

andy ni ahli 410 yg menunjukkan tarian mereka dgan cra haram. tuk mngelakkan andy dihantar ke texas, andy terpaksa masuk MSA. ble 410 tahu, dia dihalau dari kumpulan itu. andy kemudian menubuhkan kumpulan baru untuk menyertai THE STREET. dengan bantuan chase n moose di MSA dan missy dari 410 mreka mengumpulkan orang orang berbakat untuk mnyertai kumpulan mereka. apabila kedatangan mereka tidak dialukan di kelab dimana THE STREET diadakan, andy yang mgetahui THE STREET bukan hanya untuk menunjukkan kuasa tapi membawa sesuatu yg baru di pentas tari, membawa mereka keluar dan menunjukkan kehebatan mereka. menyedarkan pengetua MSA makna sebenar tarian.


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