betul ke tidak.??

dunia dah maju
kucing dah tak makan tikus
publicphone org tak pandang
msuk tandas pun pow 50sen
laki un paleng koman tinggal dua tiga kerat yg :

mcm nie

Difficult Words to Say - Lee Seung Gi 

click link tuh tok kfahaman yg lbeh lanjut.


1 week ago
the girl is super cool and at the same time pretty too..and lucky!!!!!!!!i can say theres only 25 percent of the boys are like that shes pretty lucky that she had someone that will fight for her...!!!!!!!!it is pretty romantic...oh..i really wish its a movie....

agree tp sy ta moe syg saya bwad mcm tuh
dont wan see him hurt


buku tak usik lagi

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