boom boom boom unspoken pain


" what is happening.? "

pergi kaunter BSN pun gigil. mcm mana la nak independent ni. maybe need someone to hold my hand on road.? just maybe 4 leaf clover.? lucky pendant.? highcut snickers.? cute hp key chain.? ouji necklace.? new haircut.? smart handphone.? julai paper.? err.. nope.! PDA.? DSLR.? contact lense.? cute outfits.? scissors.? someone smile.? vitegen.? about, paper bag.?
no. I just need Allah.

ps : one step forward already DONE.

next : LCCI
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time for crazy dance



  1. cumel kartun nie!
    simple nice blog! hehehe!! suke2..

  2. lcci =.= bukan that tower ah?klcc o.O? nt sure la -.-

  3. LCCI for acc syg..
    xde kne ngene ngan klcc..