Judging your HOT stuff.?

Kinda shock when Mus commented on my post at facebook. he never talk to me in class accept when I have camera with me or he was dragging chair. so it really weird. I am started to think he hate me.

Guess he want to piss me off but then he just babbling like he does with faiz. One weird plus one. these kids really get into my mind. damn.!

Well, it not like they are bad if we are judging on the first floor. Like Nic said, " Best way to know that person is know his/her angry side. " then we know if they are pure or just fucking shit. Human are human after all. No matter what attitude man embraced. dull. Much better than all the innocent typo people who want judgement but don't accept critical. then talking about respect. more dull.

Generally, we judge on the cover even though they post about " dont judge from it cover " hundred time on facebook. Couse they feel secure if know about stranger. STRANGER. why don't just set that he good man. she a polite girl. then we watch. Now the judging begin.

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