fullstop learning is DIE

Life always have their own ways to teach us.

For us not to giving up for it. To let we know somebody was loving us. To keep us realize that we still being accepted. “There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path.” - Ghadeer ♥

Every week, two people will be chosen for spot talk. Today mine and Reena turn. The feeling of scared and shy, almost can't say anything. Die gasping for such help. Later, the 'spot talk' word come and one by one nostalgic memory appears.

Revealing nostalgic thing does't suit me well. " So I m gonna talk about my mother. "   Where she come from how many sibling and she was such a lovely mother I ever had. Etc
Then Hafiz ask about childhood. OMG. There, got the nomad title. Thank you Hafiz.

OH and also, sir ask where YUN came from. Told him that was because " my cousen was pelat. " Then everyone start to try it. NURUL to YUN. That funny moment.

LIFE. It never stop teaching us as long we breath. Be great full of that.

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