It mean one more step forward

Last night....

Dream bout grand talent show event. People was so formal. And there is some maybe the jury looks very serious. Well, it big event though. Then the show started. We all settle down. The moment become pale and suddenly, we 're like in prison.

They said only who succesed, can go home. Feeling of going home puts everyone into pressure. "What will happen if we can't go home? "

So first participant show his talent. They break-dance on the floor. Flip hand, head etc. Then public speaking. Few group with prop and start acting with their own awesome language. Poetry section. Art, great master, sculptural artist. After that entered singing competition. Soft silk loud and opera style.

Don't forget, only person with stronger claps can go home.

Now I realize what was my talent.? Not really good at drawing, can't dance, sing or even a good speech person. So what was my talent really. Getting scared. What was it.?

Until I m waking up, what was it.? Still wondering. PENSIVE.

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