Key and the Keepers.

Honestly, I don't know what is the function of dating. even though it freaking how I wanna see you right now. but then I became frustrating because can't do anything with you. can't hug you. can't kiss you. wanna hold your hand also awry. not because I was ashamed to go out with you, but they will bringing mouth. Each of us lead family pride all the time. And you take someone without a valid deed, it make me feel angry at myself.

There's nothing related to mercenary or anything. Seeing you that day really bright my day and take away my breath. Don't care bout others stuff. My only wish is to meet you again. Along with proper way as other couple.

" Being able to talk to mom about us and tell her story bout us will make it much better. "

So, we can be like other couple with such feeling. So things will works well for us. Thats day was looooooongggggggg time have to pass. If it is true love, you will wait. right?

I know waiting make you tired. So am I.  We be okew.

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