autumn rustle

May be tired but not given up, just gasping for air.

Eventually, all things becoming clear now. and me, as savior to someone, is one fucking shit LIE. Remind again of that principle, " Everyone walking though their own destiny, even if it painful and sadistic, that her own life. We personally have our own path. Buzzing our nose into their life is very stupidly. "

The time will come when we start to realize we are the main char in this life. Nodded at people, and walked away. I'm not your butler, but whilst companion. There a time I'm here, and time's I'm walking away....

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  1. we chose our own path..

    yet i chose the hardest road which are a shortcut to my

    i will be your butler for the whole life and so are you going to be my maid for the whole life if you want to..

    love you dear~