It was hoping something we never get

I m not forcing you to know it. I just wanted to know dont you want to know bout it. dont you curious? thats all. If it burden you that much, then we will doing it your ways. If I m telling you first then you give no respond, it just the same like " I dont care what happen to you. or whatever. " Whats the point?

Hurm, maybe I m asking too much right? Fine, then I wont ask anything anymore. Lets just go back to those 'happy' moment of your. I wont say anything anymore. Never ask a favor from you and never ever asking you to change!


  1. so just tell me?
    whats the prob?
    a short reply means i cant help much..
    b'cuz im not there to be with u..
    i'll help u my own way that u wont notice..

    curious about your daily life..yeah..b'cuz im not there to see it my self..
    telling your problems or anything that u like to talk bout im ok with burden taken..if the problems idk it might..but yeah not much i think

    wish this shitty writing will let u know what i feel maybe?..idk =.=

  2. its not a shitty writing. if you said that, it just the same as you are tlking to a shit!

    I don't really hope you can help visually.. just give support.. a way of solution.. or courage wish.. thats all.. I know you cant help me solve it with ur own because our distance.

    1. yelahhhh...-.- shitty writing is not talking to is different..shitty writing means bad writing..=.=..
      visually?or physically?you really need to improve your vocabulary
      idk which word to help you out =.=

      my courage wish?did'nt you get it everyday?
      want to know what it is?text me about it i'll tell you

  3. oh sorry.. hurm, really everyday?