Sadistic person

It is sad seeing a person doing something they had to. but a word, a favor that coming out never comeback. It will stay and be a scar. The larger the wound in the heart, it distance our relationship. increasingly stored in the heart, the loss of such love.

past and present can't be compared. Existing knowledge makes us proud that we know everything. to not have the space to ask questions. no longer feeling palpitations in the past. all just like it was.. rainbow or rain, everything will pass away like nothing ever happenedfive minute or five days, it all the same.

Correct my error, is accepted. with an open heart. teasing of it just because it a stupid mistake for you, could not be forgiven. You are someone important to me. How could you do something like that? I have different ways of seeing things. if you cant accept it just say it.

Please don't let me looked like a fool.


to be wished something that you cant do. such a foolish person I m.. haha! laughing but I m crying out loud inside. How lucky you are can cry when I m just giving you that little talk. While it unfair for me that the bow is keeping me away from crying. and then you called urself being unfair.. by me. 

The truth is, I dont know anything about you. A girlfriend that doest know anything about him, is such a failure. Thank you...


  1. your wrong so i tried to correct you my way..idk if it sound you want me to explain what u did wrong?id yes then ask me..about the vow not to cry in the college fuck that vow..losing your pride to yourself wont let u look like some what are not a fuck the vow =.=..your vow are pissing me off..and lastly be honest to your self your feeling and all..hiding it wont help'nt that what you told me?

  2. idk.. i dont know or i dont care? misunderstand it everytime. the vow is not for my pride, but it used to make me stronger. if not because the vow, I have cried a million times and give up so many times. I can't! Just can't.

  3. idk is i dont know..idc bru i dont care

  4. holding on the crying thingy wont make you stronger..i just make you look stronger..and it is different..after you cried you still can stand up..and moves forward..btw allah designed u guys to tears when needed..