Why did they do that? it been planned since pass two month and suddenly you said this week is a meeting family.? and have to go back with you with bus? and also dad did't let me go there?! what the!!!!! did you know how am I feeling.?!! this is not a child play! it not about going to playground and what do you expect.? Oh okew I will just follow whatever you said. Please!

Why did you need to do this! Between promise and family why did you make me choose. How cruel you are you know that?! What am I suppose to do now.

" hey, we have through this. You dont need it. Just say you dont want to."

If it could be as easy as that. It ever will my dear friend. They are to selfish for it. They not even care about me.


It hurt like hell! and people perspective toward me, truly what are they trying to make.? make everyone hating me? and calling me a liar? SERIOUSLY! I HATE IT I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

what am I suppose to do now..

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