Facing the obstacle of people being turn down by others attitude was kinda sick. Some live their own way of behaving. Judging their abilities and how to react toward them without you even know what they were like, it not fair at all. Listening to other without finding the truth is the same as being a fool. No offended. It just your mentality is not on the same as you being placed. It a shame that people you underestimate can reach a limit that you are not. Please don't look up of yourself too much. You have bring a shame upon us. 

It really not your fault of their overreacting. Just use them as your jump stone. They ain't worth thinking of. You are much stronger than this. Friends with friend without honesty will bring disloyalty. Beware of it. Did't you felt tired of them? If I were at your place, I would just jump into my own world, doing my own stuff and succeed more than they are. Then they will be facing with reality. That how payback should be.

I am sorry I can't be there for you. If only this is high school. But it's not. Please bear with it and be strong.

My dearest friend.

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