For such a long time, I been asking myself, why did I was alone. Be born in as an only child. To being one. No one's care. As time past, I realized I was living in a caged. Grieving to go outside. Watching people from a windows. It's dark inside here. There's no one's here. It's lonely here. But no one's understand. There is no one gonna help me escape from here. No one's!

But when I'm outside, things does't change. People just don't care. People stay away. And when I fall, it take my own strength to stand back up. That does't seem fair. Guess, people just don't care. That.. make me turn away from them. If they just don't bother to care, they are off my sight. That how I lived. That how I grown tired of people. Of how they behave. Still, I am the one who watch. Take over my life before other's step on it. Not easy and cruel, but it works.


There is a quote said, " The loneliness feeling ever was when we cannot adapt with our own self. " It's true. When that happen, you feel like loosing yourself. Throwing everything and try to find.. something, someone.. that loses.. and the moment will come when you realized that it you the one that missing.


  1. maybe u jz havent meet d rite one called good frens.

  2. I have a good friend, maybe it's me not the good friend after all DX