Blaming saying I am not talk.

I make a choice based on reason. But people though I am thoughtless and put all the blame on me. People who I am supposed to hang on, lough back on my face. The decision I make not be the wise of all. But the way that choice was set up, I struggle of it. It not my fault that we are in this kind of state. I am reaching 20. Old enough to face a reality of life. To brace myself walk into what I chose. It just unbearable that people who suppose to back me up, abandon me just like that. And people who suppose to lough at my face was the one who supported my back. It just too twisted like a tornado. Dizzy it is dizzy. Hurt it is hurt a lot!

So please, don't judge me just because I am reaching the limit. Because you are not in a place to do that.

Discussion discussion. I am tired of it. Yes I am the only child. And if I died, it will be the end of everything. Then what was my life purpose was? Sitting back and be safe? As if I can. What about my dream? What about getting all the list you give me. I have to fulfill all that right? Then give me a chance! Stop caging me! It not going to help. I am tired of this. I am afraid at some point, the plan I had in mind will be committed. Then sorry is not an option.

Ps : Before you said they didn't tell, please hear them out first.

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