Comic Fiesta 2012 - 10 Years of Awesomeness

  Too cute? One again.  All the picture in this blog is mine. Which mean I take it with my very own hand. So please ask properly if you want to use it somewhere else. 
Sorry, doing a lot of warning thingy is exciting. Something wrong somewhere in your head Y!

The most enjoyed picture I captured.

Thinking it as a job, stressed me up. So I am going to write a review of it like I always do. With a lot of picture. When I am said a lot, it mean lots of it. Be prepared!

They been queued two hour before the door even open.

For 2,000 tickets and 5,000 early birds, this quite a lot. Early birds ticket holder granted early admission.

They were line up for Mirai Kopitiam.

Starting to get crowded at booth.

They were having the opening of Comic Fiesta 2012 at 10.30am.

This video is done by Undo Creative Workshop for Comic Fiesta 2012. 
Music - Our Story by melodysheep.

Band performance

Devine Reborn.

Temjin - VIdeo paper cut.

"Admit it, This video is more awesome than Comic Fiesta opening video."
Too bad, can't find the video anywhere.

Free gift determine by :.

  • Stupid sword fight
  • Doraemon opening song.
  • It just for fun though. MC did a really pretty job. It was FUN! Thank you.

New rules of free giving :.

  • If you bring your camera along, you get rejected.
  • If you are a girl, you get prize automatically.

Cosplay group competition

Discoster Gintama

What are the most controversy anime?!!!!
Crowd shout : Guilty Crown!!!!
Guilty Crown is not even controversy, dude!

Panty and stokin
"Panty it's over!" being slayed.

Sugari Kogarashi
Guilty Crown
"It's just like anime, it's start great, end horribly."


Shinpi Monogatari - The world end with you.

Gomen ne for the wrong spelling named. Bad at remembering stuff. Hope this can redeem my mistakes.

Told ya Danny Choo going to be there. He even bring her, Mirai-desu.

Interview with Danny Choo.

He is going to have two show on air that is Japan Culture Season II and Japan Mode Season II.

His product on sales, Moekana plus plastic wrapper so you can play it anywhere everywhere you want. It was second best anime product in Japan!

Other than that :.

  • Moekanji 80 card.
  • Yuzusoft
  • Edowonderland
  • ItaG Festa
  • Nitoplus
  • Kinokuniya "Mirai was Kinokuniya mascot book log."
Mirai cosplayer


Sorry guys, we're not allowed to post his picture. But I can say this, he is quite handsome with no Japanese look except for his eyes. No offense but he is really artist. Haha, no offense is just a joke. I don't sarcasm on people are really deserves a ton of an appreciation. Redjuice was a real artist. Hopefully more people can be a dedicated artist like him. With this, I presented to you an interview with him :.

The biggest obstacle you face.
The biggest obstacle was salary. Salary down.

Was social skills important?
Eight hour just for character design and hundred hour to grow it. So social skill is really important.

Did you have secret talent?
Illustration is all he have.

"Keep drawing, just keep drawing."
- Redjuice.

Any futher of getting involved with Supercell?
In a future plan.

Next illustration collaboration?
Same answer.

100 hour on background. What program did you use?
Illustrator, 3D CG software and basic modelling.


Game session of World of Tank.

Chopping tree with audience.

At 5pm, cosplayer started to sit outside the hall.

That all for day 1. 


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