It hurt.

Gomen ne..
    If people asking whether love for you still exist, the answer definitely is yes. Deep down the love never die. Maybe it just the sparkle was lost. The thought of hating you never appear. It just the way you were acting does't suit the current me. Idk why. Maybe it just me. The one that should be blame of. But blaming doesn't fix anything. Each day, each minute, each time I was thinking and searching for a new thing or topic to talk to. To having a proper conversation between us. But none suit us. Nothing is connecting us. Why was that happen? What broke the connection. How to fix it? How can we stay like we used to? Think.. Think.. Think!!!! Until there is nothing to think anymore. What has gone wrong? Why would this whole thing happen? Why?!!!  DX


  1. the internet connection broke XS..hard for us both..maybe before we love to talk bout art..

  2. maybe..he is tired doing all things alone...

  3. It's not alone. It only we got our own way of doing thing.