People staph being sinister toward others!

People around me always tell that they are being persecuted by others.

The truth is, they are letting themselves being persecuted of. It is true that is not what they want, and that others are the one bugging their life. Still, they are the one who cared. Deep inside their heart, they were hoping that would turn out conversely. That they manage to do something to change the existing conditions. The ability to change the situation which they don't have.

That lead them into such despair of overloaded thinking. Making them thinking about the offenses they had committed. Which they don't. It might be some test from God or it just people are just really bad towards other. It not they fault to begin with. And not themselves to end it.

In this time being, they will be in pain. Hating those people, cursing them and so on. They become not like themselves. They become something they did't want to be in the end. And please, do not bear it by yourself. People around you will always be there to listen, if you're mean something to them.

I don't even know why I even write this in a first place. Maybe they gain my sympathy. They are friends and family after all. If only I had power to protect them, I will. Because they are precious to me. I want to treat them as much they treating me.

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