# Choice.

Its been 3 years, 3 month and 13 days (quite a nice number.) since I left high school. A place that bring back lots of memory, though lot of thing in life and a very first step toward the life it is now. There, that place.. where friends were made through the heart, being treasured and trusted.

Different from now that only fake friendship and backstabbing everywhere. No one can't be trust when a hanging rope is on their neck. Well, they are friend in certain situation, but not all of the time. Here, competition is high as fuck that no one give a damn. Keep on walking without turning around even though that person beg. Waiting until they to lowering their knees and kiss the tip toes. That is how dirty the world have become.

Looking back to a good time, a good friend, a good memory, they are just past. There is no way of turning back. This stain world is what the future held. Which to be encountered. It either to be falling down and getting back up or shut everything and keep on falling to the darkest abyss.

On a another door held other world that was familiar but difficult to achieve. A new world but have everything I need since a long time ago. It said welcome warmly. But to be able to enter it, a huge persuasion and talent needed. And that talent is what am lack of.

Then there is another world of devoted my whole life to my family. Get a dean list, continued study, get a permanent job with high salary and so on. Devoted to my dear one.. married him and everything. A place to work on without stop to pleasured others. To make a huge scarified. To be happy for them.

Now, look back to whole that...

I don't know which world I belong anymore.

..and thinking about it is extremely tiring.

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