# Entering

Closed my eyes.

Living in reality is painful.

Like drowning but still breathing.

Like looking but only darkness.

Like living but death.

Hoping but despair.

Loving but hated.

Giving but regret.

Loyal but betrayed.

Everyday, everything is like walking in a mist.

Running, jumping, stumble but repeatedly getting up.

Listen to the deepest sound.

Painful, crying, screaming.

No one hear.

That is the sound from the deepest heart.

Trying to communicated.

Screaming to stop the torturing.

Enough with the pain.

Don't ever look back.

What one want is what they deserved.

This is the final countdown.

The final stage.

Time to decide everything.

Take a deep breath.

Open the eyes.

Faded the darkness.

This is the beginning of new life.

Take everything that happen as a lesson.



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