# Mindset

Being plague by a concerning mind of future, somehow I wish to be gone. Run to somewhere I could be at ease. I wrote at peace before. Death? Pfftt... Ignore that one. Well, how am I suppose to react to this burden now. Who to talk, how to deal with it. Will this somehow solve? Can some fairy swings their wand and make the magic happen? Hmmm, guess that not going to happen. OTL

So now, one thing after another. Then there is another thing to think about. This and that. Hmm.. How. Just how. To step upon two rock in front of the plan. Thinking might be the easier way, but committing it, the process of it instead of the goal.. just how.

By the way, yesterday article remind me of something. That it's not the finishing that is important but the process of doing it. Instead of thinking about the finale result, what about how to make it happen. And this will help us reach up the goal. Make sense but thinking about the process is tiring then doing it, you can imagine.

Well, its all about passion. With passion anything could happen. With passion another choice added to the list. /sign. Need to discuss about all the choice with someone who would not biased. Who would it be? Hmm..

This is heavy post meh and there is to much hmm and well in this post. Gonna lie down now and keep in mind that this is just a beginning. A little piece of mind.

Regarding all that it's kinda annoyed when people start making their own plan for me. Maybe being so kind to them isn't a good things for me even though they were family. Well, let it be this time. Fine, this might be the last. Calm down already meh~

Side note : After all, it's I will not I hope.

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