# Why?

People used to ask 'why did I do that, why I do this.' It was like the most freaking thing to them.

Why I do that?

The answer is simple. Because I don't want to die with regret. If I was destined to die tomorrow and postpone the thing I wanted to do or meeting people I want to meet, I might becoming a ghost and hunted people to make it done. Just kidding.

It's more on me. It because I don't want to die with regret. That's all.

The other favorable question people like to ask is 'why did you treat them nicely, they didn't even deserve it.'

Well, you don't know what will happen next. That person might be gone or dead and what was the last thing you do or said to them? Believe me, if that happen, you would want to redeem that day again even if you denied it. So you hope you could at least apologize to them.

So thing wouldn't end this badly. See?

This is my answer. It's up to individual actually, some people just okay living with regret. It just them.

But if that person irritates you so badly that you could just give bitch slap to them on the spot, just walk away. They not worth you time at all.


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