reminiscence really can kill you.

There was a long journey. I waking up lying at the back sit. Wondering where was us. Then ayah said
" Kita kat PD " (port dickson) definitely strange. But hey, look at the ocean. anchored close to twilight. roar of the sea water. gentle teasing wind. only a fool would say " I m staying in the car thank you. " and I m not that fool thank you.

Two little girl enjoying themselve. sibling always blessed. another second there I m. playing with them. how easy chilhood huh. Turn back seeing ayah and ibu holding their hand to hand. that was something I would change for money. Absolutely. Already breaking dawn. We'r going home. Then that comes up. about those two girls. " Tak. Ayah tak nampak sape-sape pown. " OVERAWED till now.

That becoming the most unforgettable memory. Precious one. vov