The Military Story

Waking up sleepy. then we'r going for the photoshoot. Prepare ourself with all the clothes and especially boots. Which end up blistered my ankle. But it's okew. Totally worthful! Yeah. Thank you Sarah H Razman. You are a talented photographer yeah!

Out studio is simple; OUTDOORS.

First we had our brunch ( breakfast+lunch ) just Uncle Bob and Ice Lemon Tea. Sarah had nasi and ayam pedas? o^o'''  There's a neko asking for our food. It come from accros the lake. Maybe the wind brought the smell. Wuuuo. 'w'

After that we start walking, photograph it. And addicted to it. YEah!

OH, this photoshoot is continue of last sems photoshoot. THOSE POLICE WOMEN.
We should start make a tradition out of this right?

That's all. More picture at ;


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