Y dream of kidnap

I have a weird dream last night. People was pushed me around and everywhere they keep betrayed. Wanna go out of there but that place like no where out. And if I try to escape, I be punished. Everything was madness! Out of control! But there is watchman to keep an people in that place. It was like metal cage in such a huge place.

The last thing I remember is they said I'm making unforgiven mistake. Before I been sentence on death that is be expelled from there. I didn't mind at all. But they are cruel. The watchman. They dragged two other cousin of mine to get expelled to. The two cousin got an disgusting eyes and a wish of my death in their eyes. Not just that, their hiding their tears. Now I'm a criminal. Guilty. BAM!

Well, I got no choice right? Just apologize! I walk pass them. Stand still in front of the watchman, look at them one by one. Then look down at my feet. Their are staring and waiting. I took a knee and silently apologize.

Guess they heard the word. Some of them. The other just stuck into silent. Doest wanna go out. White flag up and I surrender. Begging them not to expelled those two cousin of mine. They seem surprise. Maybe because I always act all mighty. or just wanna hide my weakness.

Even though I did not do anything wrong. I still need to apologize and beg on them for mercy. What was it. But for those two sake, this is the only route left. It be okew.

It such a shock to see they are laughter. Out loud. Is this some kind of another betrayal? Or I'm being their doll of joke? But wait. But they so happy bout it. Then they praised and proud of it. They said this is the reason of their lunacy behavior. Because they wanna me take off my armor.

And thats all. Everything turn 'normal' ( which I don't know how to classified it. ) and they having such big of resealed party. Huh?

Opened eyes, my ears hurt. It drone and warm. Oh I had a fever LOL.

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