Okew, skip the intro. Mr Tension has come to see me. He reminds about those four assignment ( which have to submitted next week), a promise of designing for people and the college stuff. and so whatever. that why I kinda hate when some people who persistence over taking my time away. Asking to go out whenever he like as if I have a lot of free time. Excuse! I am Art and Design student. Not Office Management. They sure have a lot of time. So please be considerable, and be understandable! Geez, if you in my shoes you'll know.

Ouji, I really missed you a lot okew. That why I ask if you can come here. Well, course cannot right? What to do :c

Cant wait for tomorrow. Ibu and ayah is coming. Bringing stuff and brought back stuff to. Yeah! Tehee! I miss them. It been hard for this semester. My patience was at it limit. My body was forcing to do unlimited thing. And my time was well arrange. But the saddest part is I don't have money left. Yes, I am broke. Sades fact! D:

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  1. its not like i dont wanna be there for you..but my financial.is not in good condition..D:i miss you alot too..muahx =*