After taking two hour bus to TBS,KL (cause we stuck in jem ) a walk from here to there, then we'r on train, walk again then taking transit and walk and monorale. While waiting for texi, a 44 bus came. Went abroad and walk to McD. Eat, settle down then walk home. (Lisa house.)

Wake up 10 after being awakes by one voice. It kinda late. maybe because to tired. GAH! Bath and breakfast. Then walk out and move to MUSEUM SENI ISLAM MALAYSIA by car. Luckily. XD

Then takes picture and picture and video. Thats all for our documentary today.

 The batik
 Love the effect of this photo
 It turn to red and hurt ><
 HAHA just resting a while

This flower is lonely. It the only one that bloom. It white and pure. It was a request from a friend to snap it.

That all for today. Tomorrow gonna move to Melaka X(

Jaa nee..Oyasuminasai ~

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