."Tonight is Friday the 13th. Did you ready for it?"

Photo classes today was learning something new. Pinning, Dept of field, Aperture, Lower and high Shutter speed, Lower, High, Normal Exposure.. I was teaching them and doing it okew heheh. Being a lecture today. ehex! Proud to be me XD

Bel quiz I m doing it cheat way. Score 10 per 10 for 1 and two and 9 for the second one, with not cheat. Okew, kinda awesome XE

Tonight is the opening day of Perkampungan Budaya. They got cheers and fashion show. Going to watch it for a while. The main reason I go is to watch the old and new collage cheers. They are so proud about it and forces us to join even though we did't want. And the old collage got new cheers. Sound cool :]

"Learn to appreciate people around because we don't know what will happen next."

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