Since I was kid, there is a certain level that I have to pass. Have to get a good mark in monthly exam, be nice kid, a good child, someone that don't disobey their parent or adult. Maybe it was an usual thing for other but, it is much, much worst. They are not doing it physically but mentally. And to be honest, dad was a really good psychology ever.
While her partner are great at pushing people. But, they are a good parent in certain cases.

The gred that I was talking about was;

Which school after that. Boarding school or etc.

Also the same, to a boarding school maybe.

They would want to see a flying colour. A real one. Geez..

Of course the higher the better. And mom being pushing me into studying abroad for degree.

The one they were looking at was how much the salary is.

You know what they will be looking at. Facepalm.

Most I ever heard was "People will start whispering about you. You have to pass a certain level and beat them. Be the best out of the best."

Obviosly this all planned by my mother. Luckli I still have my father to back me up and accept without pushing like mom. It's true that parent would want the best for their children, but not by betting their life for their own satisfaction. The one that hurt would be the one who carry it. From a moment of glory, it lead into destruction. I might be leading into that. But, to make them happy.. to fulfill their satisfaction, that was the only road I can take. Grabbing the likes on side of the road while keep moving forward. Keep walking and never look back.

The joy on side of that, their is none. And I am starting to losses my own soul.

Getting tired being used. Getting tired of looking at people attitude. Maybe I can just trow out at their faces and leave. If that really happen, then that was a critical level then.

Just to be clear, I am not a stuff that people can be played with. When a person life being a tool of other's, don't blame them for an disgraced term.

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