Loved you all xoxo

I wonder why on earth, a month of holiday, I got gathered with all my best friend's. Spend time with them. But at a different place and time. Also, what surprising me was what they do to themselves and they have become. Strange how people change that much. How they're facing their life. How they lived with it.

Nic have gain weight and appetites. haha. That a good thing. Ikan were having his time but he actually lucky to have a friend that comfortable with. Qamel, did't see her yet. Hey! I wanted to see you this weekend! Faz give me a big smile just now. Wearing hijab? I never though you would change girl. I am happy for you and engage? You gotta gut not telling me! Farah, you better showed up soon or we gonna do something at your house. Gwahahahahahhahaha~!

I am gonna miss you guys and you will always and forever be in my heart. That I can guarantee of!

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