Thank You section of Comic Fiesta Committee.

All I want to say is THANK YOU. Even though I am part of committee does’nt mean this is for me. It is not! A lot of thank to Wayne, head of Photographer, Videographer and Blogger for choosing me to be a part of it. If only you guys can see his panda eyes on the second day of Comic Fiesta and how he’s being running around taking care of us under him, you all will be really greatful. So THANK YOU again.

They are doing their fullest to serve all of you. And I heard a comment of them:

I have to give a credit for the committee. They are less than 50, yet their can contrive an event that welcoming 25 thousand people. Congrats.
-Random people

Imagine how their handle it, attract people to come using various media and how awesome their hardwork being paid of.

How they clear the path for Bless 4, Redjuice and Danny Choo. Using their own body as shield and just holding hand with each other. Very well. They are safe and sound to the stage though. Good job guys!
I think they deserved some credit and appreciation of all of their hard work for both days. They didn’t even get enough sleep and having a right time of meal. But still, they stand on both days to pleasure a people who come. They really-really deserved this.

Also thank to all sponsers: