Have you ever heard of UNSPOKEN SECRET? The knowledge that we keep deep inside our heart. The only thing known to us only. The unsolved problem that only we know. This is how it is...

Unspoken Secret appeared in such situation, when we're facing things that hurting our heart, pride, joy, happiness, friendship even family. We fall into the deepest, darker place in our heart. Fall and fall until it thunderstruck. At that moment all the negative thoughts possessing our mind and judgment.

That was the time we were mental breakdown. The ultimate limit of Unspoken Secret cage. At that point it will fight our inner soul to get out. Fight until our heart die. At the time where we start ignoring. Ignored the people around us, the people who cared and the people who need us the most. Evade everything in order to run from getting hurt once again. Scared of hurting others while they are still 'live'.

In the innermost agony, we will begin to search people who would understand, help and give hope to ourselves. Without realizing they was always there from the first place. Expressing to them without knowing how much they were feeling useless at the time being. Which we back on hurting someone back just because we didn't want to hurt them in a first place. It was inevitable.

We keep it intend to avoid it from hurting others. Even though we are the one suffered the utmost. In front them, we keep smiling, laughing and hide our loudest cry. Keep our faith and be strong. Keep loving people even thought burdened by a huge despair. Try to be strong and search for something in term of finding it.

In the end, we broke our own heart and selves. Becoming an emotionless doll, mean, vengeful, lost our humanity and the character of loving.  Always bear in mind, sharing with someone lightest our heart. But be careful choosing the person we wanted to shared with. It might ending eating up us back.

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