# If you are in the shoes

Taking a bath early in the morning.. grr freezing! Usually I just waited till noon.. Then help her with cooking thing until 1 pm and having a lunch together. After that take a break by loitering in front of the television and have a nap. Then in the evening, helping gardening.. or just playing around. At night watching the news and stories if they were interesting or just going to bed early. That.. only that from I was a little. Well, being a child is quiet spiritual..

That is what I do when I am at village.

People might call me stupid.. they can call me maid.. anything they can.. I don't even care in the first place.

And all those selfish person can use me as they can. Just because they can't be here with them.. and they can't fulfill their responsibility as a child. Being able to persuade and putting me into it might breathe a sigh of relief, but they forgot, that it was their responsibility in the end.. it not me who will be questioned in the after world. Take care of yourself then. 

Only people who come home often will know how home really is. How love was spread just by kissing and hugging them. The warm and joyless they were giving. Even for a little time.. even just for a weekend.. that kind of love is nowhere to be find. The hand that cooking.. the hand that worship on the land.. hand that rise a good children and a hand that welcome everyone, that come to that home...

That moment of seeing their face, some warm feeling sweep into the heart. All you want to do is make them smile more.. Put away their misery.. Forgetting any piece of problem in that moment. Appreciate it for a little. Those hand who took me in, who give me smile for having me as apart of their life, cared and feed me.. making breakfast every morning.. giving a warm hug.. mad  at people who misunderstood me.. that would punch a person if they were hurting me.. even just a little.

They even warning the person front to front first. That is not overly protected, baka! That is protected.

They never raised their hand on their children.. scared them so they would do something disgrace.. lie to them so they would listen and understood. That lie have become more unreasonable as a grown up listen to, but to a child, they take it seriously and that funny cause I never remember any of them but they are really working on the old day. Never scared a little heart just to make them listened but helped them to become more brave by giving encourage and hope.

They are more than just a grandparent. They are parent. Everyone who like them deserved to be called parent. They are my guardian. They are my best teacher. They are my angel. Dear Almighty.. I know you were listening. Then just this one time, please grant my wish.. bring them to heaven! Because they are the best person that deserved to be there.

Before I realize it, I just want to treasure this moment for a little more.

Before they were gone. Before my bare hand can not touch them anymore. Before they were to far to be hold. Before they were buried all the way down.. and before they were taking away from my own eyes..

Haha.. why I am even crying for this writing..

Please, let me stay for a little while. Let this moment freeze for a little more time... just a little more..

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