# There is no second chance.

The moment I needed a rope to hang up, it broke.

"I am busy."

yes I must understand.

"I am working."

yes I must understand.


get lost! Just get lost!

I can't be with my family. Can't take care of my own family. Why did people abandon their responsibility to others? I have my own to take care of!

"We're working."

yes I must understand.

"We don't have time."

yes I must understand.

"They love you."

oh just another fucking excuse. I am tired!

Friends, family, lover? They all leave! I have no place to said anything. To hang up on. Being abandon, yes I can support all of you. But it just hurt be leaving alone. Thanks for just stay beside but never turn your face to me. For what such an important creature like me live on? To carry this burden alone? It hard. It heavy! I am tired. Tired of thinking. Tired of commanded of. Tired of waiting. Tired of just follow the flow.

This should end now... a story that can't be told to anyone is becoming a secret that carry a burden.

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