# Dear you know who.

It been a long time since the footstep of mine appear. And a decade since I wrote about a dear friend of mine.

Dear precious,

From a single mistake that I regret until now, with no turn back of it. My hand move by itself as it expressing my deepest apology. You might realize or you might not. Remembering the past about you hurt my dear heart. Acknowledge you as an entity that a different from other is just a mere past. Just keep this in mind, if you're hurt, I am hurting too in my own way. Judging from a single mistake is just unfair.

While I though you're the best from before, one that can be hoped on, is all mirrored now. It not that I criticized how you've been now. It's all you. but in a process of it, I am starting to loosing my best friend. A very precious treasure, leaving a forge footstep behind.

As I though I can catch up, just a lie. The fact that we're taking a very different route from that time. And now it's become two different road. If I am looking back, you are in your world, happy and so on. But as I am starting to turn away, you come with the deepest meaning, maybe looking at my back and feeling sorrow.

It is sad, it is frustrating, it is disappointing and it really killing, but this is me now. Trying to move on from a world created from a delusion. A perfect world with a perfect friend and a perfect relationship. We all are matured now. So we're supposed to be able to accept this fact right?

Just a some moment I stopped breathing because it to painful to keep on walking. But at the time I realize, it was necessary. And I will keep on walking with the deepest footstep and slow hoping you will catch up. Someday...

The reason I am writing this is because I am not ready to say goodbye. But until the time come, you will be always be my precious.

The truth,
- y

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