# Treat people the way you want to be treated

Thinking back to every complicated thing that have been fallen, 'aku ni terlebih layan org ke?' is it a crime to treat people specially even if they were just friend?

Didn't philosophy of life always said 

"Treat people the way you want people treat you back."

or the positive version of "The Golden Rule" also said


To think over how he or she would like to be treated by others, one would evolve the human virtues. Just figure out how you would want people to treat you.
You would possibly, first of all, want to be treated justly: you wouldn't want people lying about you or falsely or harshly condemning you. Right?
You would probably want your friends and companions to be loyal: you would not want them to betray you.
You could want to be treated with good sportsmanship, not hoodwinked nor tricked.
You would want people to be fair in their dealings with you. You would want them to be honest with you and not cheat you. Correct?
You might want to be treated kindly and without cruelty.
You would possibly want people to be considerate of your rights and feelings.
When you were down, you might like others to be compassionate.
Instead of blasting you, you would probably want others to exhibit self-control. Right?
If you had any defects or shortcomings, if you made a mistake, you might want people to be tolerant, not critical.
Rather than concentrating on censure and punishment, you would prefer people were forgivingCorrect?
You might want people to be benevolent toward you, not mean nor stingy.
Your possible desire would be for others to believe in you, not doubt you at every hand.
You would probably prefer to be given respect, not insulted.
Possibly you would want others to be polite to you and also treat you with dignity.Right?
You might like people to admire you.
When you did something for them you would possibly like people to appreciate you. Correct?
You would probably like others to be friendly toward you.
From some you might want love.
And above all, you wouldn't want these people just pretending these things, you would want them to be quite real in their attitudes and to be acting with integrity.

Then why did people get misunderstood? I just treat people the way I want to be treated. Even thou I have thousand or hundred of friend, my love is still with Allah S.W.T, my family, my self and the only one.

Note : The world will become a better place if this course was applied but with no evil intention.



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