# We're all 'BROTHER and SISTER'.

In this world where we rant about meaningless thing. About every little thing. About our lack.

There is out there, a world where they only hear bomb, fear of death, living as being chased by death. Losing their family, their normal life, their home, their country. Yet, did they rant? Did they event get the chance to said it? Or are they die before they even being able to see the light?

Even thou, people who set their heart and believing to Allah S.W.T, did not die in vain. They die with jihad to Allah S.W.T, our Prophet and heaven is their place.

Therefore, we're here praying for our brother and sister in every aspect, in every ways that they will stay strong. That they wouldn't stop believing. And one day, Allah S.W.T will give our way to turn this around.


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